Nachlass Schlegel

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Der Psalter teutsch, [Bl. V]: Porträt Christoph Schlegels (Urgroßvater August Wilhelm Schlegels)
The German Psalter, [p. V]:
Portrait of Christoph Schlegel
(Great-grandfather of August Wilhelm Schlegel)

August Wilhelm Schlegel (1767 – 1845) was one of the most important and renowned scholars of the founding period of the Rheinische Friedrich–Wilhelms–Universität Bonn where he worked as professor of Literature from 1818 until his death in 1845. Schlegel is regarded as the (co-) founder of English literature and language studies, Indology as well as comparative linguistics. His main literary estatehas been situated in Saxon State Library – State and University Library Dresden since 1873.

Bonn University and State Library holds a small partial literary estate of Schlegel. It contains 80 letters of correspondence between August Wilhelm Schlegel and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller and Wilhelm von Humboldt, which Schlegel had handed over to Bonn University Library before his death. Furthermore Schlegel’s family psalter bequeathed to Bonn University Library in Schlegel’s will as well as a list of Sanskrit types belong to this part of literary estate.

Further correspondences of August Wilhelm Schlegel in possession of Bonn University and State Library, which includes about 160 letters, can be found in other literary estates, especially Lamberz’s literary estate, as well as the collection of autograph manuscripts.

Translation: Victoria Milhan