Nachlass Lamberz

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August Wilhelm von Schlegel’s will (27th March 1845)
August Wilhelm von Schlegel’s will
(27th March 1845)

The advocate Jakob Lamberz (1779 – 1864) played an important role as judicial council, "Kreisrichter" (honorary title for a businessman) and honorary doctor of the Rheinische Friedrich–Wilhelms–Universität in the city life of mid 19th century Bonn. His perhaps most prominent client was the linguist and literary scholar August Wilhelm von Schlegel (1767-1845) who had lectured at Bonn University since 1818. Bonn University and State Library holds about 340 of his letters of correspondence and a partial literary estate.

In 1939 the University and State Library of Bonn managed to purchase the part of the literary estate concerning August Wilhelm von Schlegel from Jakob Lamberz’s literary estate from funds of Emil vom Raths’ Privy Councilor of Commerce foundation (Stiftung des Geheimen Kommerzienrates) founded in 1910. It comprises about 70 documents and is divided into three parts.

Part I includes documents regarding his allegedly illegitimate son the painter Peter Busch.

Part II headed “wife of Schlegel” consists of documents concerning Schlegel’s second wife Sophie von Schlegel nee Paulus.

In Part III two wills of August Wilhelm von Schlegel, various inventories concerning his estate as well as his heirs’ receipts of delivery are summarised.

Translation: Victoria Milhan